excerpts from album and concert reviews

“A visionary and brilliant album, which screams for repeated listens.”
– Allan Sommer, Jazzspecial

“Infernal free jazz with thundering distorted bass and screaming saxophones, that makes the infamous free jazz saxophonist Peter Brötzmann seem like a schoolboy”
– Jakob Bækgaard,

“A small jewel with over an hour of music to dream yourself away to, fantasize around or just enjoy. Highly recommended.”
– Robert Ryttman, Zero Music Magazine

“They are moving with surprising ease between introvert experiments and naive humouristic playfulness.”
– Christopher Thorén, Lira

“During the a bit more than hour long concert, the music is swinging between the beautiful and melancholic to hideous screams, suddenly moving to humming, croaking, babbling synth sounds, making a transition to the next wave.”
– Anders Eklind, Concert review for Gäfle Dagblad

“Amsler’s music is again fantasy widening and filmic – listen to the dramatic “Rigibahn, funeral march”, indiscriminately ugly and beautiful, calm and messy, acoustic and electronic.”
– Robert Ryttman, Zero music magazine

“During 60 minutes Television Pickup is moving between John Barry, jazz of the 20’s, doomy ECM-jazz, hillbilly, Ornette Coleman meets King Crimson-jazz, creaky Hitchcock soundscapes, short glimpses of classical and some more – a musical jambalaya as the band itself puts it.”
– Markus Axelsson, Jazz på svenska

“Hell it’s an intriguing album: All spooky sounds, tape loops, atonal sax and clarinet, guitar noise.”
– Jon A, Lowcut

“One hour of intense melodramatic moods.”
– Nils Overgaard, Jazznyt

“Nice melodies, raging noise rock, charming sound assaults.”

“Television Pickup invites the listener to a musical journey, that’s as strange and adventurous as it is playful… Next time you consider going to the movies you might instead pay for a ticket to Television Pickup.”
– Jakob Bækgaard,

“A very amusing album and one of the better i’ve heard this year.”
– Jan Strand, Orkester Journalen

“This may not be for all rock’n’rollers or headbangers, but it would do them well to give it a listen.”
– Jon A, Low Cut Magazine

“Overgrown and daring songs… The adventurous are doing the right thing in coloring their fantasies with this eventful record.”
– Robert Ryttman, Zero Music Magazine

“The music is like when a child goes on an expedition on grandma’s attic, where you find all sorts of exciting forgotten things in the dim light, and where it may well be a little creepy now and then.”
– Niels Overgaard, Jazznyt

“Dynamic dynamite !”
– Lars Åbom, Corren

“The parlament is expecting to agree on a proposition which makes it illegal not to own this album. And it’s good looking too.”
– Oskar Schönning, Mucisian

“Simple melodies, minimalism and brutal rock riffs with a large amount of improvisation. Sharply shifting moods for people with a lot of nerve and musical curiosity.”
– DMF, Musikeren

“The music, written by Katrine Amsler, is both disturbing and touching at the same time. It’s acoustic, restricted, improvised, forward-looking, historical and completely unpredictable.”
– Malin Lindquist, KIM

“It’s lengthy, unpleasant and hard to pinpoint. Like a surreal detective story à la Barry Adamson.”